Fun Archive

Stealing a meme:

15 Years Ago (June 1996), :
1. Was 14 years old.
2. Getting ready to start high school.
3. Went to Chicago for the first time with the family.

10 Years Ago (June 2001), :
1. Officially met Brian for the first time while home for a few weeks before summer classes.
2. Moved into my apartment in Gainesville - home for the next 5 years.
3. Got my first car that I didn't have to share with a sibling - my 2001 Civic :)

5 Years Ago (June 2006), :
1. Finished my first year of teaching
2. Bought our house in Charlotte
3. Got married on June 24!

3 Years Ago (June 2008), :
1. Started TTC our first baby - only to miscarry in July
2. Spent the summer playing with Melissa
3. Went to Chicago with the husband for the 4th!

1 Year Ago (June 2010), :
1. Finished my 5th year of teaching!
2. Planned a first birthday for my baby :(
3. Got offered the job as a Science Facilitator at my school

Yesterday, :
1. Went to the Farmer's Market and for bagels with our bestest friends
2. Took a 2 hour nap after a sleepless night with a feverish toddler
3. Had frozen yogurt at Yoforia

Today, :
1. Watched Elmo's World at 3am with my sick kiddo.
2. Made brunch (pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage) for my friends
3. Have chicken with roasted tomato sauce, green bean medley and pasta ready to serve for dinner.

Tomorrow, :
1. I will probably have to take the kiddo back to Urgent Care since he's been feverish since Thursday night.
2. Might go swimming, depending on the health of said kiddo.
3. Will not go to work and lament the Monday blues because it is SUMMER

In a week,:
1. I will be in Carolina Beach for our first solo vacation since before Owen was born!
2. I will be able to sleep all night without a toddler waking me up (pregnancy insomnia, don't mess with me!)
3. Will be 24 weeks pregnant! That's 3/5 of the way there!!

In one month (July 2011),:
1. Will be getting ready for Owen's SECOND birthday!
2. Will NOT be working. Not one day of the whole month.
3. Will spend a week in South Florida - beach!!!

In one year (June 2012),:
1. Will have TWO kids.
2. Will finish my seventh year of teaching- this is the year that I decide whether or not to continue.
3. Will hopefully be in a new house!

In five years (June 2016),
1. Might have a third kid?
2. Owen will be finishing 1st grade, OMG
3. Will hopefully have figured out what I want to do with my life.